SCAN AUTOMATION TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.   was  founded by  our  General Man-

ager,Fong-Ying Chiu (Kitty Lee) in 1981, Tainan, Taiwan.   Scan currently offers thousands

of standard and custom products in proximity sensors,  photoelectric sensors, connector 

cables, switching power supplies,  signal light towers and many other  products  for indu-

strial automation applications.


Our products are sold worldwide, a great part of which as private label in Americas and 

Europe. Scan products are known for quality, durability and affordability.


Ms. Kitty Lee started the small sensor business, manufacturing a handful of different proximity sensors and digital counters selling mostly 

in  Taiwan.  Scan has since then expanded in  terms of  production capacity, product range, manufacturing  technology,  and engineering 

capabilities.  With our humble root, we  understand  the  importance  of  knowing the  individuals we work with,  knowing  the  needs of our

customer applications, and keeping a healthy, long term business relationships with our customers.

Scan is now located in Shen Zhen, Guang Dong, China. The factory is approximately 90 minutes away from Hong Kong via ground trans-

portation. Our current state of the art  manufacturing and engineering facility consists of 300  qualified employees,  and  is  supported by a

large number of advanced machines and equipments.   We continuously invest in our facilities, equipments,  and employees  throughout

the years in order to satisfy the changing needs of the market.

In addition to the wide range of quality products,  we are always open for our customers to request any  products that  would meet  their

needs. Our engineers are always open to further develop our current products,  or even design new  products  from the  ground up.  In

terms of manufacturing,  we are also used to working to meet the needs to the needs of  our  customers such as time  constraints. After 

all,   we run into times when we need something in a hurry.   We are  constantly  seeking to satisfy the needs of our customers,  and will

continue to try both harder and smarter to achieve this goal.

Our company operates with the goal to provide quality and affordable sensors. Scan is an ISO9000 certified firm, and our products

meet many certifications such as CE, UL, CSA. On a voluntary basis we are making efforts to meeting RoHS compliance. 

SCAN  equipments and capabilities.

A:  Surface mount technology 

B:  Laser trimming

C:  Cable production 

      1:  Connector cables and housing

D:  Automatic coiling equipments

E:  Quality control

1:    Automatic sensor testing equipments

2:    Environmental testing equipments

 3:   Cable testing equipments

4:    RoHS testing equipments

5:    EMC testing equipments

F:  Metal works

1:    Mold production: Supported by CNC mills, EDM, wire EDM, and spark


2:    Sensor housing production: Supported by CNC  mills and CNC lathes

3:    Metal stamping and forming

4:    Production of nuts, bolts, and springs

5:    CNC Turret punch press

G:  Injection molding

1:    Plastics and lenses

2:    Metal

3:    Rubber

4:    Die Casting

H:  Painting, coating, and finishing

      1:   Paint

      2:   Teflon 

      3:   Polish  

      4:   Sandblasting

      5:   Nickel plating

I:   PCB manufacturing and prototyping

J:  Measurement tools and profilers