ZHEN) CO.,LTD. founded by our current  general

 manager, Ching-Long, Lee in 1981, Scan Electronics 

is now a well-known company  specialized  in the field 

of   industrial  automation   products. Our  product  line 

includes thousands of types of  standard  and  custom 

products  in proximity  sensors, photoelectric sensors, 

connector  cables,  switching  power  supplies,  signal 

light  towers  and  various other products  for industrial 

automation applications. Our products  are now  being 

sold worldwide; a great part of private labels  products 

sold  to  sensors  manufacturers  in Europe  and  North 

America, and  are  known  for its quality, durability and 



It all started more than 20 years ago in a small town of Tainan city, Taiwan, when Mr. Lee started his small business,

 manufacturing a handful of different proximity sensors and digital counters selling only in Taiwan market. Scan has since

 then expanded in terms of production capacity, product range, and technology. With this humble root, we understand the

 importance of knowing all the individuals we work with as individuals, and keeping business as comfortable as possible.


We  are  now   located  in  the southern of chinain the 

industrial  area  of Shenzhen  city,   an  hour away  from

 Hong Kong  via   ground  transportation,   Our  current

 manufacturing and  engineering facility  is consisted of

 340 employees,supported by a huge number of highly

 advanced machines,state of art facilities,and experie-

nced management.  At the  same time, we have a new

manufacturing   facility  to be completed  by  the end of

 2005, and  new support  facilities  in the year to come.

These investments have enable the company to speed

 up  the broadest  line of  products  development  and

 improve   products  quality as  well as   manufacturing 











As a growing industry, we not only offer a wide range of advanced, high quality products to our customers, but at the same

 time, we remain flexible to strive to meet the demands of our customers. We are always ready to take on special requests

 of our customers, whether it involves further development of our current products, or investing in the development of new

 products. Our management offers our customers a flexible lead-time when something is needed fast, rather then making

 everybody wait. After all, we all need to use the express lane once in a while.


Scan Electronics constantly seeks to provide satisfying to our customers, and will always keep trying harder in the future.

 What good does it do us? Well, it is always good to see you smile.


Our firm is qualified for ISO 9001 in quality management  standard

and is currently working on the CSA certifications expected in the

2002. With our top quality and reasonably priced products,and tho-

ughtful services, we have obtained good reputations at home and

abroad, Thus,it is our goal to expand our market to your area,or th-

rough your sales worldwide.

Our vision is simple and advantageous: Our customers are guara-

nteed high quality products through well-managed production line

at a low cost. We have invested excessively in our automatic faci-

lities to enhance the quality of our prodcut parts. Our plant is equip-

ped with the following facilities:


A: Assembly line

*  S.M.T. surface mounting facilities              * Wire bonding equipment for die form         * Automatic coil machinges

B: Q.C.department

EMC testing facilities(Most of our products have been met CE standrad.)

C: Mould tooling department

* Plastic mould tooling                  *  Metal mould tooling           * Rubber mould tooling          * Die cast mould tooling

C: Injection department

* Plastic parts injection        *  Connecting cable injection   * Rubber parts injection     * Die cast parts injection

* Fanuc Servo control plastic injection machines for lens and tiny parts

Metal tube,screw,and parts

We have eight sets of CNC lathe,CNC Automation screw facilities for manufacturing brass and stainless steel tube,

screw and parts.

D: Ironware,metal boxes manufacturing department

E: Nickel plated and painting department

If you believe our product range and service is suitable for promotion in your market,we hope that matter of mutual interest

can be arranged. We sincerely look forward to cooperate with your company.